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Selling Trimble SNB900 – We Buy New Used SNB 900 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Trimble SNB900 – We Buy New Used SNB 900 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Trimble SNB900 Radio
License-free, high-speed data link for the construction jobsite.

Imagine a radio link for GPS that does not require licensing and is virtually immune to jamming and interference. Trimble introduces the 900MHz product family, featuring the Trimble® SNB900, SNR900 and TNR900. The SNB900 radio is ideal for permanent or mobile base stations and repeaters. You can use the versatile SNB900 for a rover in a supervisor’s truck or on a range pole.

The 900MHz frequency offers many advantages for the construction site:

Virtually immune to interference
No licensing is required
Low-latency, high-speed link allows two-way data between office and site machines
Good operating ranges for construction sites. For areas in radio shadow, such as valleys, now it’s easy to place a SNB900 as a repeater.
The internal battery provides added daily productivity, as setup is faster and easier.

Convenient Portability
The SNB900 is so lightweight and portable, it fits in your jacket pocket to carry onto the jobsite. The built-in screen and keyboard make onsite setup and status checking even more convenient–you don’t need an external PC or data collector when in the field. You can set up operating modes, network configurations, port and display configurations, and check on battery status, radio status, operating mode, and network number. Then simply call the site office staff to check the status onscreen instead of driving there.

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External Antenna
The SNB900 features an external antenna that easily mounts on a single tripod with the GPS base antenna. The external antenna also lets you locate the SNB900 in a locked, secure position with only the antenna outside. Unlike systems with the radio antenna integrated into the top of the GPS antenna. Now it’s easy to place the antenna higher to achieve the greater range needed for base station applications. The external antenna also allows for any necessary lighting protection to be added.

Easy Setup
You can quickly set up a repeater—just find a suitable location, place the SNB900, and turn it on. Because the SNB900 operates on internal batteries, it will run all day with no external power source. As many as four SNB900 repeaters, are supported from a single base station, with the ability to have three in a row. Since no setup software and PC/data collector are required to set up a repeater function, the reception statistics on the display make it easy to select an optimal location.

Internal battery
The SNB900 operates all day with no external battery for fast set up as a repeater or base. Rover operation is simple since the no cables are required. Because the SNB900 internal battery has its own internal battery charger, when it’s connected to the site power supply, it is continually charged. If the site loses power, the radio will continue to operate uninterrupted for up to 10 hours.

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