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We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble SPS880 Extreme Smart GPS Antenna (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble SPS880 Extreme Smart GPS Antenna (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

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The Trimble® SPS880 Extreme Smart GPS Antenna is the simple solution to all your site measurement and stakeout applications. The ability to receive L2C code, L5 carrier signal, and GLONASS means you have a future-proof receiver, able to utilize new satellites as they are launched. The rugged, smart antenna includes an integrated radio, GPS receiver, GPS antenna, and battery in a single, lightweight housing designed for maximum portability, quick setup, and optimal flexibility.

The SPS880 Extreme Smart GPS Antenna offers contractors an easy-to-use, wide area measurement system for a variety of site preparation and grade checking applications. It can be used either as a rover for site measurement and stakeout or as a base station to support site measurement and machine control operations. As a base station, the SPS880 Extreme takes little setup time and only requires a single keystroke each day to start up.

Selling SPS880

Standard system features
• Small, lightweight design – 1.35 kg (2.97 lb) (integrated radio, GPS receiver, GPS antenna, and battery); 3.71 kg (8.18 lbs) complete system weight (rover including controller and rod)
• The quick setup, high mobility base or rover receiver, is ideal for large jobsites as a rover, and for working on multiple jobsites on a daily or weekly basis
• 72-channel L1/L2/L2C/L5/GLONASS receiver
• Performs all site measurement and stakeout operations within the operating range of the radio
• Internal, removable, smart Lithium-ion battery provides up to 5.5 hours GPS rover operation per battery
• Bluetooth® wireless technology for cable free, no hassle base or rover operation1
• Simple keypad with on/off key and LED indicators for power, radio, and satellite tracking
• 20 Hz update rate, which allows measurement from a moving chassis, for example mounted on a site supervisor’s vehicle for increased efficiency on large jobsites6

SPS880 Extreme Smart GPS Antenna features
• Full base and rover interchangeability
• Unrestricted range
• Operates within a VRS™ network for conventional base station-free rover capability
• Integrated transmit radio with unlimited range
• Receives L2C code, L5 carrier signal, and GLONASS for future proof investment as well as for improved satellite coverage in harsh GPS environments
• AutoBase functionality enables startup with a single button push upon subsequent visits to a site

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