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We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble NetRS GPS Reference Station Receiver w/ Zephyr Geodetic Antenna (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

We Buy / Sell Your – Trimble NetRS GPS Reference Station Receiver w/ Zephyr Geodetic Antenna (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

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Versatile GPS receiver with advanced communications control

The most Powerful cors system available
Ideal for a wide range of GPS reference station applications, the Trimble® NetRS® GPS reference station is designed for use with Trimble’s scalable GPS infrastructure solutions and as a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) for geodetic, survey, scientific, high-accuracy GIS and monitoring applications.
The Trimble NetRS GPS reference station is ideal for the following applications: monitoring of manmade structures, natural features and subsidence; atmospheric research; survey data generation; and geodetic infrastructure.

Scalable GPS infrastructure solutions
Trimble provides a portfolio of infrastructure solutions including single reference stations, a network of reference stations, or a Trimble VRS™ (Virtual Reference Station) solution. This scalability allows you to select the best solution for your requirements. Trimble NetRS can be used with Trimble’s GPSBase™, GPSNet™ and RTKNet™ scalable infrastructure software product family.

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Powerful remote management
With Internet Protocol (IP) as the primary communications mechanism, Trimble NetRS can be accessed and controlled remotely using simple Internet browsers or Trimble Infrastructure software. The NetRS uses the Linux framework, which allows for extension and customization that is simply not possible with proprietary operating systems. And with the ability to store all configuration settings to a file, you can quickly and identically configure all receivers in the network. Additionally, it is possible to establish a primary configuration
with multiple operating modes that can be remotely selected and enabled as necessary.

Lower Mantenance And Operation Costs
Trimble NetRS features extremely rugged construction, low power consumption and dual power ports with intelligent switching. Its advanced communications control makes it easy for you to operate the receiver and manage data from a convenient location—it’s not necessary to have a local computer. Following problems such as power loss, the NetRS receiver can reload its last known configuration settings; this ability eliminates the need to visit remote locations to manually reset the receiver.

Trimble NetRS Benfefits:
IP as the primary communications mechanism ensures ease of use. The receiver is fully configurable from remote locations
Multiple security options for varying levels of user access
Low power consumption ensures reliable operation when using a range of power sources—including solar, mains, and battery backup
Small size and convenient connector layout makes Trimble NetRS easy to install.

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