EPOCH 25 GPS System

We Buy / Sell Your – Spectra EPOCH 25 L1 / L2 GPS System (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

We Buy / Sell Your – Spectra EPOCH 25 L1 / L2 GPS System (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

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A high precision GPS receiver, the EPOCH 25 L1/L2 receiver offers superior satellite tracking and optimal precision and low power usage.
EPOCH 25 Key Features:

L1/L2 antenna
L1/L2 receiver
RTK- real-time positioning
Post processed Static data collection
Choice of field data collector hardware
Spectra Precision Survey Office software
Field-proven technology

The Spectra Precision EPOCH 25 L1/L2 RTK GPS System provides robust field performance for rugged surveying conditions. Spectra Precision GPS technology for accurate and reliable real-time positioning is ideal for topographic surveying and stakeout. For your precise long baseline measurement needs use the EPOCH 25 Static collection and post process using Spectra Precision Office software.

Selling EPOCH 25

A system includes the base and rover EPOCH 25 L1/L2 GPS antenna and receiver, plus a short- or long-range Pacific Crest radio modem. To complete the system, you need a data collector. Choose from either the Spectra Precision Nomad or Recon supplied with Spectra Precision Field Surveyor software for all your survey measurement needs.

The EPOCH 25 is a highly productive measurement solution, allowing the user to collect topographic data and stake layout detail. The system operates without line-of-sight between points, and it can operate anytime, in any weather, thereby offering much greater productivity over traditional optical surveying techniques.

Positioning Data Link (PDL) radio kits and communication products from Pacific Crest provide the critical connection between the GPS/GNSS reference station and other GPS/GNSS user equipment. Pacific Crest PDL units are compact, lightweight and power-efficient. The unique design of these units allows them to be mounted easily on all standard tripods and range poles.

Pacific Crest PDL radios are turnkey solutions for RTK data links that easily integrate with most major GPS/GNSS OEM equipment. The data link features a 19,200 bps data rate and flexible transparent or packet-based protocol. Waterproof and all-weather operational, PDL modems, kits and accessories help you increase productivity in the field no matter where you are since they are compatible with GPS RTK equipment.

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