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We Buy / Sell Your – Sokkia GRX2 RTK GNSS Receiver Top Dollar Paid!

We Buy / Sell Your – Sokkia GRX2 RTK GNSS Receiver Top Dollar Paid!

Sell Sokkia GRX2 RTK

The Sokkia GRX2 has been enhanced with the latest GNSS chipset technology, providing 226 channels and superior antenna quality. Both RTK and Static operations will be completed with increased productivity. The GRX2 provides unmatched usability and versatility that guarantees to increase productivity.

The GRX2 fully integrated dual-constellation RTK GNSS receiver brings a new level of versatility and flexibility into your precision applications. It is affordable and scalable with wireless technologies ideal for RTK operation, as a network rover, or as a static receiver.

Selling GRX2 RTK

Combine it with one of Sokkia’s data collectors and Magnet Field and Office software for maximum versatility and convenience, increasing fieldwork efficiency from start to finish.

Sokkia GRX2 GNSS Receiver Features:
Fully Scalable
226 Channels (GPS+Glonass+SBAS)
Integrated UHF+Cellular+Bluetooth
Voice Navigation
Compact, Watertight, and Rugged
RTK and Static survey operations

We’re Buying Sokkia GRX2 RTK

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